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Yii development

Why choose YII ? Not surprisingly, one of Yii’s greatest strengths is performance. It’s capable of handling a fairly staggering number of requests per second, while its caching capacity is far superior to most of its competitors. .

Yii Framework is a great choice if you’re developing a website with a layered, structured design. This, along with its extensibility, error handling, and security, make it awesome for anything involving eCommerce

Reason to choose YII

Yii framework has Gii tool available, which allows the developers to quickly create code, by decreasing the application development time, which they can utilize to customize the application according to the customer’s requirement

Utilizes Modern Technologies

Yii generates CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations thereby allowing web applications to run in no time. It aids you in developing applications faster. Also, it helps you to manage the application design as suggested by Yii

Highly Extensible

Yii framework is designed to handle heavy traffic.The web applications need media support to increase its popularity to drive more traffic to the website. Yii framework has cache layers, which can be easily expanded to handle more traffic.



Yii is one such framework that has excellent features to help you out in combating with the security threats. Yii's security app component comprises a lot of methods help assist in developing more secured application. This framework is well-known for generating highly secure hash from the password that makes a random salt for the user

Short development time

Yii has some tools which help you in spending less time on some tasks. They help you customize your applications according to the client’s need at a faster pace. If you want to create code templates for Forms, Models, Extensions, etc quickly, then Yii is best

Test driven development support

It is a thoroughly safe and secure platform for you to develop highly sensitive and important web applications. The system has strong immunity against tampering with cookies and SQL interjections and a lot more. You can easily use most of its features exactly as they are provided, or you can modify each one to suit your needs

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